Ways To Reward Employees

A happy employee is a productive employee. According to a 2015 study conducted by the University of Warwick's Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy and the Social Market Foundation, happy employees are twelve percent more productive than their dissatisfied counterparts. One way to keep your employees happy and productive is to offer incentives or rewards for a job well done.

1) Functional Swag

Lots of companies order branded product without putting any thought into what is functional for their employees daily life. Set your company apart with thoughtful, functional swag items like lip balms, recycling bins or even flash drives.

2) Dress Down Privaleges

Instead of a dress down day, reward individual employees with dress down passes they can use whenever they want.

3) Gift Cards

Take the same approach with gift cards as you did with the swag items. Think practically. Is the restaurant or coffee shop close to the office? Gas cards and grocery store gift cards are always a thoughtful reward.

4) Food Truck Friday

Arrange for local food trucks to visit your business at lunchtime on Fridays. This is a great way to reward your employees while stimulating the local economy.

5) Extra Break Time

An extra fifteen minutes break time is a great way to reward someone for a job well done.

6) Hand-Written Note

Sometimes the simplest gestures are the best ones. Leave your employee a hand written note thanking them for a job well done to show how much you care.

7) Flamingos

Of course, there is something to be said for public praise and recognition. An unconventional way to recognize an individual employee is with pink flamingos and an employee of the month sign on their lawn. Flamingos are fun and cheap, you can get a set of ten for less than thirty dollars on Home Depot's website.

8) Free Vending Machine Day

Get fifty dollars worth of quarters from the bank and spend a day paying for employee vending machine selections. You'll get to know your employees better in a relaxed setting, and they will appreciate having such a thoughtful boss.

9) Pay One Bill

Another thoughtful way to reward an employee is to pay a minor bill. Most cell phone and internet bills are less than one hundred dollars, so it wont cost you much to make a big impact on your employee's life.

10) Support Their Cause

Another way to make an impact is to support an employee's passion project or cause. This can be something as simple as buying girl scout cookies from their daughter or something bigger, like cutting a company check to the charity of their choice.

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