Marketing Strategies for Retail Shops

Without marketing nobody will know about your store, which means nobody will spend money at your store, which means, pretty soon, there won't be a store. Here are some top tips that you can implement to grow foot traffic and increase sales.

1. Encourage a Visit
Instead of running generic advertisements, use your marketing dollars to promote a coupon, special event, or a product that is "only available in stores" that will force them to stop by.

2. Optimize the Customer Experience
Customers can buy products online and have them shipped to their home address within a few hours if they want. The reason that they visit the physical store is for the personalized, hands-on experience. If you want to make sure one-time customers end up becoming repeat customers, spend time making sure their visit is something truly remarkable.

3. Emphasize Scarcity
Does your business have a limited supply of something? Is your sale for a "limited time?" A feeling of urgency goes a long way in convincing people that not only do they need to stop by your shop, but they need to stop now. Even if you don't have something that is urgent, create one. Give people a deadline to obtain something special and watch the customers roll in.

4. Interact With the Town
One of the advantages of a local shop is the ability to become a part of a community. Put up signs cheering on the hometown football team or get involved with your local chamber of commerce and gain some connections that way.

5. Create a Killer Website
These days, most customers will shop on their phones before they ever set foot in a store. So, if you don't have a website, it is absolutely vital that you invest in one. Spend time and find an experienced developer and digital marketer that will not only create a beautiful website but optimize it for online searches as well.

6. Tell Your Story
Most local businesses have at least a somewhat compelling story behind them: maybe your grandfather started this electronics shop after returning home from the war, or you started a furniture store so that you would be able to employ local teenagers, etc. Find the story that is unique to your business, and communicate that in your marketing efforts. The more people have to connect with, the more they will turn to you when it comes time to make a purchase.

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