8 Reasons Your Business Needs an Employee Handbook

Creating a company employee handbook may seem like a difficult process, however there are many positives to doing so.
Here are a few reasons why developing an employee handbook would be beneficial to your organization.
1. Lets Employees Know What Is Expected Of Them A precise employee handbook gives employees a clear understanding of what their responsibilities are. The handbook should also explain the organization's policies and procedures. By providing clear, detailed, and accessible information, the handbook will help the company move in the right direction.
2. The Employees Have Information On The Organization's Culture One of the most important parts of your employee handbook is introducing your employees to the corporate culture. It is very important that every employee understands how they will fit into the organization. This should help boost employee morale. The employee handbook should also explain the importance of having productive employee relationships.
3. Employees Are Informed About Management The employee handbook should outline different company objectives and leadership styles, along with management's best practices. Logistics such as pay periods, hours of work, and time keeping requirements should also be mentioned. Employees should be aware of entitlements to state and federal leave.
4. Key Policies Are Communicated The handbook will communicate the organization's policies on matters such as employment, compensation, and employee behavior. You can use the employee handbook as a guide when making decisions or answering questions concerning employee matters.
5. Compliance With State And Federal Laws Be aware that your organization is subject to state and federal employment laws. The handbook should thoroughly explain these entitlements and obligations to your employees. Your organization should have a detailed outline on how to deal with situations such as military leave, disability, and FMLA.
6. Overview Of The Benefits You Offer The handbook should explain the organizational philosophies on vacations, health insurance, retirement, parental leave, and other benefits. The eligibility requirements should be communicated in the handbook. A great benefits package can help you retain your best employees, so make sure that they have read over the handbook.
7. Information About Employee Claims At some point, you will likely be faced with a disagreement from an employee. If the matter becomes serious, one of the best documents that you can show your attorney or an investigator is a copy of your handbook. The employee handbook should show that the organization is concerned about all of their employees. It should be noted through the employee's signed acknowledge page that the employee had the opportunity to become familiar with organizational policies.
8. Employees Know Where To Seek Guidance The handbook should list a few individuals that an employee can seek guidance from when they encounter a problem. This will help keep all issues within the organization, instead of an employee having to go to an outside third party source.

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