6 Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

1 - Mobile Presence This is a non-negotiable strategy; your online presence must resonate in the mobile space, and this should go beyond ensuring that your website displays adequately on mobile devices. With Google making smartphone searches and local results a business priority, you need to ensure that your restaurant  will show up when potential customers are looking for a place to eat.
2 – Food Porn If you’ve never heard of this term, it’s time to get acquainted with it.  Food Porn is defined as images that portray food in a very appetizing or aesthetically appealing way. To draw the attention of online audiences, you need to entice them with excellent photography of your menu items.  Don’t be afraid to hire a professional to take photos for you!
3 - Get Social Once you have taken great pictures of your dishes and of your comfortable dining area, you should post them on Instagram and other social networks. Don’t limit yourself to only posting specials on your social media sites.  You can  share recipes, feature your staff, explain the origin of a dish, post videos of your chefs in action. There are so many options to engage with your audience. The key is to be consistent in the timing.  You need to commit to posting at least twice per week and maybe more often depending on your goals.
4 - Online Review Management
For restaurant owners, the influence and sheer power of online review websites such as Yelp is undeniable; one string of bad reviews by just a few unhappy customers could have an extremely detrimental for your business. It is important that you not only monitor online reviews but also learn how to respond to both positive and negative reviews. A couple of bad reviews aren’t the end of the world and if you respond correctly, they can even be turned into a positive for your restaurant!
5 - Coupons The fact is, coupons work.  They can help bring in new customers, reward existing customers and help track your advertising return on investment.  Even people who aren’t typically “coupon people” will use coupons for area restaurants. Coming up with an effective strategy to offer deals and utilizing multiple avenues for delivering coupons will ensure their success.
6 - Mobile Apps Utilizing a mobile app for your restaurant can provide an invaluable source for marketing to existing customers.  You can offer mobile ordering, loyalty programs and coupons all through your app. Plus, offering an easy way for customers to post online reviews through the app can help your Google rankings tremendously.

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